The politics of health care transformation: 2nd annual national forum in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Bank.


The recent debate in Lansing about individual health insurance reform has brought health care back into the forefront, and as always, the issue of health care remains a priority for the Detroit Regional Chamber. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (Detroit Branch) and Detroit Regional Chamber are collaborating on the second annual Health Care Leaders Forum, set to take place April 14 and 15 at the Federal Reserve Bank, Detroit Branch. The Chamber's forums with the Chicago Fed examine the economics and value chain in health care and present actionable views and strategies for improving the performance of health care.


This year's keynote speakers include Ron Gettelfinger, president of the UAW and Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg, co-author of Redefining Health. Care. One of the sessions is intended to examine the politics of health care transformation and the likely leadership for health care...

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