Training and preparation: equipping new franchisees and employees for a successful start.

Author:Wetherill, Justin

The best training programs go beyond how-tos and tactical execution. They empower franchisees and employees to take ownership of their roles and work as an extension of the brand.

Handing over your name, image and reputation to a franchisee requires equal parts trust and preparation, so it's important to develop sophisticated systems and processes to train new franchisees and employees to best represent your brand. Training programs are about more than learning the ropes; they set the tone for your entire enterprise and allow for a standardized customer and employee experience across locations.

In the world of franchising, inconsistency is the biggest threat to success, and that threat grows alongside your brand. Ensuring a seamless brand experience across locations requires a tremendous amount of work and investment, but the payoff is invaluable. As a leader, do you wonder how you can foster consistency while still expanding across markets and growing your team? Through exhaustive training and preparation.

Since 2009, uBreakiFix has grown from one Central Florida location to more than 275 stores across the US and Canada. To maintain this volume of growth, we have had to develop effective communication channels and streamlined systems and processes. We invest heavily in our training systems and have experienced great returns in terms of customer experience, franchisee interest and, of course, profit.


Structure is an important consideration when developing a training program. Creating a multistage process is a great way to introduce, elevate and reinforce your team's understanding of your brand's mission and expectations. Using a variety of techniques, such as lecture, written materials, videos, live demonstrations, role playing, hands-on training, guest speakers, breakout sessions and more, allows you to target different types of learners and provide both a theoretical and experiential understanding of your company's internal and external goals and processes.

Lay the groundwork for success. At uBreakiFix, all new location owners, their managers, and sometimes even their technicians will come to Orlando, Florida, for three weeks of business and tech repair training at the home office. The first two weeks are spent learning the fundamentals: culture, internal systems, repair processes and customer service standards.

This initial operations training is followed by a phase of shadowing during...

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