A traditional innovator: Angela Mastrofancesco of Comerica Bank believes that the way to succeed in corporate America and technology is by living a balanced, family life.

Author:Aguirre, Yol-Itzma

An innovator, by definition, is "a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products,' Angela Mastrofrancesco, Comerica Bank's Florida Market President, is the very embodiment of an innovative leader.

Born in Cuba's capital city Havana, Angela's family took a leap of faith and made their way to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in order to provide her a better opportunity; as Angela recalls, "to my family, it was family first."

It is this strong sense of family unity, along with her fierce work ethic that have served as guiding forces along her journey, especially in those early years.

"I was willing to do any job or task. I saw that as an opportunity versus, 'oh, nobody wants to do that job.' It really opened the doors," she recalls. "From there I saw that if there was something that I needed to do, no matter what it was, I looked at it as an opportunity to grow."

An opportunity is exactly what would come knocking on Angela's door.

With a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Barry University, and only prior experience in real estate, Angela broke into a new frontier, entering the banking industry.

"Twenty-nine years ago it was very much a male dominated world.. .that was probably one the biggest barriers in the beginning, but I don't see that now, we've come a long way, there's a lot more female leaders today than when I started my career," she says.

Mastrofrancesco goes on to say: "I think Comerica has really done a phenomenal job of embracing the culture and diversity in the workplace.. .1 have been very blessed to have wonderful mentors at the bank."

As one of only two Latina market presidents, what does a typical day look like for this tremendous innovative leader? Well, busy.

"I am up around 5am and run every morning. Run three miles every day, then in the office between 7:30 and 8 am. It's very quiet at that hour, it's the perfect hour to prepare for the day," she meditates.

Angela has found...

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