Christian Brothers University


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AT CHRISTIAN Brothers University (CBU) in Memphis, Latino students make the most of opportunities to learn, innovate, research and experience technology in one of the most important centers of business in the U.S. Although they have many tech-oriented majors and minors, two stand out.

Cybersecurity--CBU has two unique Cybersecurity paths. The more business-oriented student can earn a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Cybersecurity. The more analytical and mathematically oriented student can earn a B.S. in Computer Science with a Cybersecurity concentration. Both degrees require 20+ hours of shared information systems courses directly related to cyber security including hands-on laboratories and a cybersecurity internship with a Memphis-area company. CBU graduates are getting great jobs in cybersecurity as experts in the field are in high demand across industries.

Computer Science--The B.S. in Computer Science covers the core concepts in computing along with a required internship course and a two-semester senior capstone project calling for the completion of a software project for an external client. Students must choose a concentration and a minor to apply their CS work in an area of their choosing. Concentration options are business, engineering, or cybersecurity.

Tarrant County College District


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TARRANT County College offers what students won't find in many other places: an affordable education at just $59 a semester hour, or $885 for a 15-hour semester. In addition to a full array of academic programs that prepare students to transfer smoothly to four-year institutions, TCC also offers Career and Technical Education programs that lead to meaningful careers and great salaries without the need for a four-year degree. Many of these programs offer certifications students can earn that will help them advance in their current career. And, those same certifications--we call them "stackable credentials--build on each other, allowing students to earn one of TCC's more than 60 applied sciences degrees. What's stopping you? Visit tccd. edu/careerpathways to learn more. At TCC we're putting success within reach, for you, your family and our community.

Northern Illinois University


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THE NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology is committed to building a diverse...

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