TOP MARKETING TRENDS FOR 2020: A collection of trends that stood out in 2019 and the ones franchisors should be ready for in 2020.

Author:Dailey, Beth

This past year featured numerous shifts within the marketing industry. With 2020 upon us, I asked members of the International Franchise Association's Marketing & Innovation Committee their take on the biggest marketing trends from 2019 and what they see gaining momentum in the new year. Whether you're a marketing expert or simply interested in the best tactics for building your brand, these are all key factors for your team and brand to take into consideration for 2020.

Biggest Marketing Trends From 2019

One of the biggest trends that 2019 brought back was the depth and delivery of the consumer experience. Customer satisfaction is a brand's top consideration, and with the new influx of advanced technology and digitization, businesses have had to find new ways to connect with their customers. A piece from titled, "Are Marketers Being Realistic About Their Consumer Experience?," found that a whopping 63 percent of consumers agree that the personalized experience, " now part of the standard service they expect from a brand or retailer." This statistic from the piece was taken from the March 2019 The Harris Poll report--a detailed survey that further confirms the notion that consumers now need more intimate interactions with brands.

Brooke Budke, Vice President of Marketing at TITLE Boxing Club emphasized connecting with your customers online, saying, "Businesses having to learn how to utilize Instagram was one of the biggest trends. Ten years ago, people would sit around the boardroom asking what Facebook was and if it was needed. Today, brands need a strong presence on Instagram in the same way and need to get there quickly." Brands should consider where their customers are digitally and make sure they are there too.

When trying to further your understanding of a consumer, data analytics was a front and center resource. Keith Gerson, President of Franchise Operations and CMO at FranConnect states, "Data analytics provide a unified view of the customer across multiple sources. The holy grail will be to take data from across the organization into a single view to better understand the consumer's wants and needs." Again, the personalization of a consumer's journey is more available than ever before, and brands increasingly amped up their consumer experience with the inclusion of social media and all the available insights it provides.

Expected Trends for 2020

Having seen such an increase in consumer interactions with brands...

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