Top leaders in finance: an index.

Author:Penhollow, Steve

Journalists like Erika L. Sanchez of NBC News have stated that the financial sector "sees Latinos as a key growth area and is seeking to boost the number of Hispanics working in the financial industry to help draw more Latino families into the savings and investments world." Many of the most prominent Latinos in the financial services industry pursue the mission of encouraging other Latinos to enter this field--and they are leading by example

Our top finance leaders are all stand outs in an industry being disrupted. The influencers selected are considered thought leaders on critical topics such as capital markets, digital transformation, innovation, payments and customer experience transforming their fields one idea at a time. All of these leaders are making a significant impact in the finance industry through the sharing of ideas and visionary perspectives. They are all worth following as they set the bar for next year's top 12--and a new wave of Latino industry leaders.

Juan Rajlin is Corporate Treasurer at MasterCard. Embracing change and uncertainty has been a constant theme in Juan Rajlin's career: Over the last two decades, he has worked in Latin America, Europe, and the United States, taking on increasingly challenging positions under one guiding principle: to stretch beyond his comfort zone. For the past three and a half years, he has served as Corporate Treasurer at MasterCard, overseeing the company's corporate finance strategy and overall risk management activities. Before joining MasterCard he gained a broad set of experiences through an executive development program at General Motors, serving in eight different and increasingly senior roles over a decade with the company. During that historic period for the auto industry, Rajlin actively sought opportunities to contribute to solve the critical issues facing the business, becoming heavily involved in the planning and execution of both the largest bankruptcy filing and the largest initial public offering in history at the time. The MBA program at General Motors provided Rajlin with continuous stretch opportunities and the flexibility to explore different roles and functions, an experience that Rajlin credits with providing him the diverse perspectives that are required for a senior finance executive of a large cap, global company. When the opportunity to take on a broader role at MasterCard presented itself, it was a challenge he couldn't turn down. Today, he plays a leading role...

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