Top companies for Latinos: a look at the best in the country and why other firms should follow their lead.

Author:Rodriguez, Robert

I consider myself very privileged to be a part of the Latino talent collective in corporate America. Membership in this group has granted me unique access to the front lines of the Latino talent agenda in big companies. Also, because I'm a consultant, my perspective into what is happening becomes more powerful because it is undiluted by internal corporate politics. Through my experiences, I have gained a sense of the current narrative and the trends associated with corporate efforts as they related to Latino professionals. To me, three trends have clearly emerged. First, not only do corporations see the Latino community as a catalyst for economic growth, but now they view Latino professionals as their next great source of intellectual capital. They have finally come to realize that, like it or not, the workforce of the future will have an increasingly Latino identity. As a result, investments in Latino talent initiatives are starting to mirror investments that were in the past only made for Hispanic marketing efforts.

A second trend is the growing influence of Latino corporate executives. Clearly, the days of the invisible corporate Latino executive are numbered. Fortunately for all of us, Latino executives are no longer hiding in plain sight. Today's Latino executives see themselves as provocateurs of the status quo. While they may have been the only Latino executive in the room when they took on certain roles to increase their influence and responsibility, they are vowing to not be the only Latino in executive management when they leave.

That brings us to the last trend, the trend that is the focus of this special section of Latino Leaders. Namely, that there are clearly some companies that have surged to the front with regard to their commitment and approach to Latino talent programs. The rigor and sophistication being applied by these companies when it comes to initiatives targeting Latino professionals are far more advanced than most other companies.

Because of their innovative and...

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