Top 49ers Executive Summary.

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October 2017

It's said, when a person or organization demonstrates extraordinary abilities, that they are in their element. The word element is also used to convey ideas of purity or something that is essential. And of course elements are literally the building blocks of our existence.

Alaska Business is excited to honor our 2017 Top 49ers, the elements of enterprise that work tirelessly throughout Alaska to build connections (ranging from infrastructure to partnerships) and maintain economic stability (by air, land, or sea), all while adhering to a strict code of safety for all people, places, and things.

The Top 49ers are not just themselves the essential elements proving the Alaska hypothesis a success (the Last Frontier celebrates the 150th anniversary of the US purchase of Alaska in October), they also exemplify the elements of enterprise required for success, no matter how it's measured: hard work, integrity, commitment, being damn good at what they do, and making money.

Every October Alaska Business honors the Top 49ers, which this year report a combined 2016 total of $14.4 billion in gross revenue. Top 49ers employ 73,619 people worldwide, of which just under one third (21,962) are Alaskan.

Alaska Business is thrilled to welcome four new elements to the Top 49ers: Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, Cape Fox Corporation, New Horizons Telecom, and Tanadgusix Corporation.

Congratulations to Arctic Slope Regional Corporation, which has secured the number one spot in 2017, reporting $2.4 billion in gross revenue for 2016, representing approximately 16.5 percent of all revenue reported by the 2017 Top 49ers. The company's number of Alaska employees remained stable with 3,696 employees reported in 2016 and 3,687 reported this year, but Arctic Slope Regional Corporation's worldwide employees increased nearly 14 percent from 9,938 in 2016 to 11,316 in 2017.

Alaska Native Corporations

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation is just one of twenty-two Alaska Native Corporations that made the 2017 list of Top 49ers. All together the Alaska Native Corporations (of which two are new in 2017: Cape Fox Corporation and Tanadgusix Corporation) reported $11 billion in gross revenue. While the Alaska Native Corporations make up just less than half of the Top 49ers, they represent approximately 76 percent of all revenue reported by the forty-nine companies. Alaska Native Corporations report a total worldwide workforce of 63,740; one quarter of those jobs, 15,365, are held by Alaskans--a slight increase in employees both inside Alaska and out from 2016.


For 2017, three companies represent the Transportation industry: PenAir, Tatonduk Outfitters (DBA Everts Air Cargo and Everts Air Alaska), and Lynden. The companies reported $1.07 billion in 2016 gross revenue, a dip from 2015 gross revenues of $1.12 billion; however, the three companies reported an increase in employees compared to last year, with Alaska employees up about 1 percent to 1,646 and worldwide employees increasing from 3,653 to 3,826.

Industrial Services

The Industrial Services sector is comprised of five companies which reported gross 2016 revenues of $530 million, a decrease from last year's combined gross revenue of $676 million. Jobs in this sector have also decreased from last year though they primarily remain in Alaska; together the companies reported 966 worldwide employees, of which 902 (93 percent) are Alaskan.


Alaska Village Electric Cooperative, a new Top 49er, is one of four corporations representing the Utility sector. Together the companies reported 2016 gross revenue of $480 million. The Utility industry's workforce is almost 100 percent Alaskan with 777 Alaska workers and 787 worldwide employees reported.

Construction & Engineering

For 2017 Construction & Engineering is represented by five companies, including incoming Top 49er New Horizons Telecom. The industry represents 2.5 percent of total Top 49ers revenue, a combined $357 million. For 2017 the five companies in this sector--Davis Constructors & Engineers, Delta Constructors, New Horizons Telecom, Roger Hickel Contracting, and Watterson Construction--reported 373 Alaska employees and 994 employees worldwide.

Retail/Wholesale Trade

The Retail/Whole Trade sector remains steady with Anchorage Chrysler Dodge, Seekins Ford Lincoln, and Three Bears Alaska reporting slightly lower revenue but a slight increase in employees. The three companies reported 2015 gross revenue of $334 million and gross revenue in 2016 of $306 million. Employee numbers increased from 687 to 737 and 739 to 782 in Alaska and worldwide, respectively, from 2016 to 2017.

Financial Services

Credit Unionl, Denali Federal Credit Union, and First National Bank Alaska again represent the Financial Services sector, which increased revenue from last year, reporting $256 million in 2015 and $273 million in 2016. The three organizations reported a decrease in employee figures, though their workforce remains almost 100 percent Alaskan with 1,344 jobs in state and 1,364 employees worldwide.


The Healthcare sector is again represented by Geneva Woods Pharmacy; the company reported a revenue increase in 2016 at $129 million compared to $106 million in 2015. It saw a slight decrease in employees in and out of state in 2017: Geneva Woods Pharmacy had 238 employees in Alaska in 2017 compared to 242 in 2016 and worldwide employees dropped from 558 in 2016 to 545 this year.

Telecom & Tech

MTA, Inc. is the sole representative of the Telecom & Tech industry in this year's Top 49ers. The company had a good year with reported revenue of $100 million in 2016 compared to $99 million the previous year. The company's 100 percent Alaskan workforce also increased from 339 to 362 this year.


Usibelli Coal Mine reported a slight drop in revenue with 2016 gross revenue of $80 million compared to $86 million in 2015. The company increased its number of employees: in 2016 Usibelli Coal Mine employed 112 employees, all in Alaska, and this year the company has 148 Alaska employees and 183 employees worldwide.


Our final sector, Energy, once again consists of Vitus Energy. The company reported a 12 percent dip in revenue from $63 million in 2015 to $55 million in 2016. The company's 100 percent Alaskan workforce of 70 employees remains steady.

The ongoing low price of oil has had an impact on the entire state, but the Top 49ers continue to thrive and grow. Even those industries feeling the impact most directly have generally retained their employees and their focus and continue to move forward, remaining vital elements of enterprise in Alaska's economy.

Editor's Note: Revenue figures in the Executive Summary have been rounded; for exact revenue figures please see the 5 Year Rank & Revenue chart (page 110) and the individual directory listings.

The Top 49ers ranked annually in the October issue of Alaska Business need to meet just two important requirements to make this list of distinguished organizations: they are 51 percent Alaskan-owned and are willing to report their gross revenue to Alaska Business. Alaska Business is excited every year to see how the ranks grow and evolve, with some Top 49ers expanding their reach beyond their Alaska roots and others climbing the list for the first time.

This special section is only possible through the cooperation of our Top 49ers who, while submitting revenue data, also supply information about their Alaska and worldwide employees, their business activities and noteworthy events, their top executive, and their subsidiaries. Alaska Business sends a big thank you to all of our Top 49ers, not only for being vital elements of the Alaska economy, but for your continued support of Alaska Business and our annual Top 49ers special section.

In turn, it is our great honor to share information about each of these Alaskan companies that influence our economy in so many ways, from sourcing local vendors and building or leasing Alaska real estate to creating and sustaining jobs statewide. Alaska is built on the Top 49ers' Elements of Enterprise as they continue to produce positive reactions throughout the 49th State year after year.

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

Rex A. Rock Sr., President/CEO

PO Box 129 | Barrow, AK 99723

Phone: 907-852-8633 | Fax: 907-852-5733

Year Established: 1972

5 Year Revenue Review

2016 $2.37B $2,371,164,000 2015 $2,515,377,000 2014 $2,663,540,000 2013 $2,525,615,000 2012 $2,628,929,000 Note: Table made from bar graph. Main Business: ASRC is the largest Alaskan-owned and operated company and has six major business segments: petroleum refining and marketing, energy support services, construction, government services, industrial services and resource development.

Principal Activities: ASRC has six main lines of business including petroleum refining and marketing, energy support services, industrial services, construction, government services and resource development.

Noteworthy: Three acquisitions in 2016, as well as the creation of a new platform company, ASRC Industrial Services. This year, ASRC subsidiary PSI finalized the acquisition of Terminal 1 at the Port of Anchorage, and in May ASRC announced the acquisition of Lower 48 company, Finite Holdings, LLC.

Subsidiaries: Arctic Slope Regional Corporation ASRC Energy Services LLC; ASRC Federal Holding Company, LLC; ASRC Construction Holding Company; Eskimos, Inc.; Tundra Tours, Inc.; Petro Star, Inc.; Alaska Growth Capital; Little Red Services Inc.; Arctic Pipe Inspection, Inc.; ASRC Industrial Services, LLC

Change % Change Worldwide Alaska % Alaska in Rank in Revenue Employees Employees Workforce from 2016 from 2016 11,316 3,687 33% No Change 5.7% Bristol Bay Native Corporation

Jason Metrokin, President/CEO

111 W. 16th Ave., Suite 400

Anchorage, AK 99501

Phone: 907-278-3602

Fax: 907-276-3924

Year Established: 1972

5 Year Revenue Review


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