Top 10 topics for directors in 2017.


Ed. Note: For several years now the Akin Gump law firm has produced an annual list of hot topics for the boardroom in the coming year. Here is its lineup for 2017:

  1. Corporate Strategy: Oversee the development of the corporate strategy in an increasingly uncertain and volatile world economy with new and more complex risks.

  2. Political Changes: Monitor the impact of major political changes, including the U.S. presidential and congressional elections and Brexit.

  3. Shareholder Relations: Foster shareholder relations and assess company vulnerabilities to prepare for activist involvement.

  4. Cyhersecurity: Understand and oversee cybersecurity risks to prepare for increasingly sophisticated and frequent attacks.

  5. SEC Scrutiny: Monitor the SEC's increased scrutiny and more frequent enforcement actions, including whistleblower developments, guidance on non-GAAP measures and tougher positions on insider trading.

  6. CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States): Account for CFIUS risks in transactions involving non-U.S. investments in businesses with a U.S. presence.

  7. Board Composition: Evaluate and refresh board composition to help achieve the company's goals...

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