Top 10 recruitment and retention strategies.


Successful enterprises quantify the value of human capital within their organizations and create strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent. Despite the global economic crisis of recent years, signs of recovery are increasing and the impact is being felt in the internal audit job market. "It's a very prolific job market right now. People have choices," says Paul McDonald, senior executive director at Robert Half International.

His advice? "If you see someone who looks good, react swiftly." The question is how do you recruit the right candidates and keep them? With McDonald's help, we have compiled 10 recruiting and retention strategies that will help keep your talent coffers filled.

  1. Do Your Homework BEFORE You Grade Applicants

    In a fast-paced work environment, it's tempting to take the "warm body approach" by simply filling desks. However, it's important to align your talent strategy with the overall business strategy. Posting a job without doing your due diligence is putting the cart before the horse. According to Robert Berry, director of internal audit at the University of North Florida, recruiting new staff is the last step in the five critical elements of the talent management process:

    * Truly understand the environment in which you operate.

    * Understand your organization's as well as your department's goals and objectives.

    ** Identify the skills and competencies personnel must possess and communicate them to staff.

    ** Assess your current staff to identify gaps in skill sets.

    ** Fill gaps by training current staff or recruiting new staff with desired skills.

    "Mapping existing skill sets to the business strategy helps companies determine whether there will be a talent shortage in certain roles or jobs," says Lynn Schmidt, a 26-year talent management professional who has authored several books on the subject, adding that company leaders can then decide whether it's best to "buy or build" the talent needed.

  2. Tap Into the Power of Mobility

    There are those who argue that social media outlets and online networking sites are one of the best ways to reach top talent. While this is still up for debate, the importance of your online presence cannot be dismissed. This means your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedln and your website must be up-to-date and reflect your organization's brand and culture. It also means these tools need to be set up to engage candidates in a dialogue to begin the relationship building process with top talent.

    According to an article published in November 2013 by Lumesse New Rules, a platform designed to promote the development of human resources, nearly a quarter (23%) of all Google searches that contain the word "job" come from mobile devices...

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