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PositionMATTERS OF SCALE - International dental health - Statistical table

The top six countries in number of dentists per 100,000 population: Norway 125 Lebanon 121 Israel 120 Uruguay 116 Greece 114 Monaco 107 The bottom six: Angola 0.00 Chad 0.02 Malawi 0.03 Rwanda 0.05 Liberia 0.08 Ethiopia 0.09 The top six countries in consumption of sugar (grams per person per day): St. Lucia 6.0 Saudi Arabia 5.9 St. Kitts and Nevis 5.5 Serbia and Montenegro 5.4 Guatemala 5.2 Mauritius 4.9 The bottom six: Bermuda 0.2 Tanzania, Togo, Rwanda 0.3 Liberia, Ghana 0.4 The six countries with lowest numbers of decayed, missing, or filled teeth per average 12-year-old...

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