Tony Chatwin: scientist/editor/ boy explorer.

Author:Levin, Dan
Position:Four for the Outdoors - Brief Article

CLF Staff Scientist Anthony (Tony) Chatwin, editor of our new web-based newsletter, NEON -- New England Ocean News -- grew up in a rural area of Sao Paulo, Brazil, on the shores of a large lake an hour's drive from where the rain forest meets the sea. Piranhas and poisonous snakes were part of his childhood fascination for waters and their inhabitants. His regular pastimes included exploring the lake shore, and snorkeling its murky depths -- carefully. "And I was always fascinated with the sea," Chatwin recalls. "It was a bigger lake, with bigger mysteries. I felt positive energy being near it. The variety of marine life I saw among the rocks, the fish brought in by the fishermen -- I couldn't get enough of it all."

He still can't. A CLFer since 1998, he's still Tony, boy explorer, only now he has a Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography, his first issue...

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