Together We Will Deliver.


GEN Stephen Lyons, USA, Commander, USTRANSCOM

"When speaking with senior audiences, I typically leave them with three key points about the TRANSCOM mission. First is a reminder that the National Defense Strategy describes a security environment that is rapidly changing, and indeed challenges the traditional assumptions that the joint deployment and distribution enterprise will operate with impunity. Second, I point out that our ability to protect military power globally at our time and place of choosing is a strategic comparative advantage unparalleled by any other nation. Something this crowd understands well. And third, I remind them that our strategic comparative advantage is inextricably linked to our industry partners, which General McDew liked to call, the fourth component.

"As this audience knows, it is the joint deployment and distribution enterprise, that connects the military services and other national provider with warfighting combatant command. Our military and commercial global networks combined with transportation capacity and enabled by global command and control, are laser focused on ensuring our nation can always achieve its security objective. Within this framework, resiliency equals strength, while a...

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