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Centered in the heart of the Lodi appellation, Twisted Roots is the work of three generations dedicated to growing wine grapes following sustainable practices. While the vineyard was established in 1918, it wasn't until 2005 that the family began producing their own wine. The commitment to handcrafted, small-lot wine-making allows Twisted Roots to showcase the grape flavors. Brut Rose is a sparkling wine made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. With notes of strawberry on the nose, followed by tart cherry on the palate, the wine has the perfect amount of bubbles. Chardonnay, crafted in a Chablis style, is aged in half neutral oak and half stainless steel, and has hints of vanilla, almonds, and pear. Their flagship Petite Sirah offers a subtle nose of berry and plum, followed by a smooth finish. Hard Cider is lightly carbonated, low in sugar, and full of apple flavor. Made only with eating apples, it has just a hint of natural sweetness.

Late in the 18th century, Master Distiller Basil Hayden, Sr. left his Maryland home for the greener pastures of Kentucky. Legend has it that he set out to make a batch of bourbon using the ingredients he had on hand, unaware he wasn't following the traditional rules. More than 200 years later, the Noe family pays tribute to his masterful discovery with a high-rye, small batch bourbon that embodies the spirit of that very first recipe. Basil Hayden's 10-Year Old Bourbon is a special, extra-aged limited offering that features the high-rye recipe amplified by longer aging in American Oak barrels to offer an additional layer of complexity to an already distinctive whiskey. At 80 proof, the trademark spice shines through as the perfect complement to the caramel sweetness and wood flavors.

When Prohibition was lifted in 1933, bourbon makers had to start from scratch. While traditional whiskey takes years to make, distillers had to rush the process to meet the demand and began selling barrels that had hardly been aged, resulting in a softer, mild flavor. More than 25 years ago, master distiller Booker Noe created Knob Creek, a full-flavored whiskey...

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