Position:25 YEARS YOUNG

Two and a half decades ago, Gary Young discovered the profound power of essential oils. Through Young Living, he was able to share this knowledge with millions around the world, supporting their health and transforming their lives in the process. Mr. Young's unrivaled expertise on the therapeutic power of plants led to the creation of the world's largest and most diverse line of oil-infused products.

In his travels to study essential oil distillation techniques around the world, Mr. Young discovered wide discrepancies in quality. He learned that in order to ensure purity and potency, rigorous, expert analysis of finished oils was critical. With a newfound commitment to essential oil science, Mr. Young established the standard now known as Seed to Seal[R], a quality commitment that Young Living will sell only 100 percent pure, natural, uncut oils that maintain their vital potency.

As the company celebrates its 25th anniversary this April, here's a look at how Young Living's commitment to the whole-life wellness of the customers, employees, and communities continue to set the standard for stewardship.

A Commitment To Quality

With Young Living's Seed to Seal[R] quality commitment, families around the globe can rest assured that they aren't exposing their loved ones to harsh or harmful chemicals when using any of the company's 600+ products. From essential oil blends and singles to makeup; supplements; personal, baby or household cleaning products, Young Living products are non-toxic and plant-based, ensuring only the finest quality products for their customers.

Sourcing With Sustainability In Mind

It all starts with a rigid sourcing protocol. Young Living's oils are derived from plants that are either grown from one of their corporate-owned farms, from a partner farm, or from a trusted Seed to Seal[R] certified supplier.

When Young Living sources materials globally they do so with fair wages and equal opportunity in mind. The company provides nearly 4,000 meaningful, purpose-filled jobs to citizens of local communities, including roles in warehouses, farms, distilleries, or at one of Young Living's 13...

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