To make training stick, follow the 3 E's.

For some employers, it's mandated by the state. For all employers, it's simply a smart move.

Training managers on their legal risks and responsibilities not only helps build a culture of respect and civility, it educates supervisors on the risky behaviors that can land your organization (and managers themselves) in court.

Instructor-led live training is still the gold standard. But the quality of online and software-based training has improved in recent years.

"It used to be that if you didn't do live training, you were a 'check the box' company when it came to liability training," says attorney Joe Beachboard, managing director of Ogletree Deakins. "But that's not really true anymore with all the advancements in technology."

No matter what medium you use to train, Beachboard says the best training includes these three elements:

Engaging. Use multiple voices; avoid having one talking head. Include interactive components (polling, quizzes). Personalize the training to the audience. Give them a reason to stay and remain engaged (give-aways).

Educational. Provide real-life examples of manager mistakes...

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