TLMI undergoes 'Transformation' at Converter Meeting.

In response to a shifting technological landscape, TLMI utilized its annual Converter Meeting to explore the strategies that can help label and package printing converters elevate their businesses. This deep dive included keynote presentations, ideation sessions and a host of networking opportunities.

The meeting's theme was "Transformation," as label printers and converters continually strive to mold their businesses to meet the latest industry trends. The event also featured contingency planning for COVID-19 (coronavirus). TLMI members gathered to discuss best practices, travel plans, cleaning strategies and work-from-home policies occurring across the country.

Keynote speakers and industry personnel detailed high-level trends and new technologies hitting the market. "We want you to walk away from this meeting with some tangible things that you can implement in your business," said Thomas Barrett, president of Mac Arthur Corporation and the Converter Meeting chair. "If you have disruptions, you have to work toward transforming your business."

In addition, Michael Ritter, TLMI chairman, shared the association's plans for electing a new president. Dan Muenzer recently announced that he would be stepping down as TLMI president to seek other opportunities. According to Ritter, TLMI is seeking to elect a president who hails from the label and packaging industry. The goal is to find a new president by June.

During the presentations, speakers addressed trends that will impact both brands, converters and the next-generation workforce.

Mandy Levenberg, a cultural trends expert, said that the proliferation of singles, as well as older age groups working and living longer, will have an impact on businesses, as well as the types of packaging they prefer. Customers might be more likely to buy individual units as opposed to bulk packages. Smaller households will necessitate smaller packaging. For aging populations, packaging must be easily accessible and feature tactile labeling.

In terms of hiring trends, Gen Z occupies 27% of the US population, and by 2030, those individuals will comprise 30% of the workforce. Gen Z and Millennials value brands that promote transparency and eco-friendly values. This is also the most diverse generation in history, one that values inclusivity. Brands that have capitalized on these trends include Puma, Tesla, Sperry and a host of others.

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