TLMI hosts inaugural printTHINK Summit.


* Both converter and supplier members of the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute, Inc. (TLMI) came to the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, just outside of Chicago, IL, USA for the inaugural printTHINK Summit. The event, which took place from September 5-7, provided insight into a diverse range of topics, ranging from color management and LED curing to digital inkjet printing.

The printTHINK Summit provided 15 educational sessions across three tracks: Shops & Systems, Science & Sustainability, Strategy & Success. Industry experts gathered for presentations and panel discussions, which were designed to promote audience interaction.

"This event connects suppliers and converters in an informal environment and allows for great communication," said Craig Moreland, TLMI chairman and president of Coast Label Company. "It helps meet industry challenges while improving quality and efficiency."

TLMI also welcomed Dan Muenzer as its new president. Muenzer, a 23-year industry veteran, most recently served as the vice president of marketing for the Labels Division of Constantia Flexibles, as well as the immediate past chairman for TLMI.

"I am absolutely thrilled to have Dan in this important position in TLMI," said Moreland. "Dan is going to bring tremendous energy and enthusiasm and a wealth of experience--he's going to do a fantastic job for us."

The event provided a forum for TLMI to explain its strategy heading into the future. In 2016, the TLMI Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan, which Moreland said would require a "committed membership."

In order to improve the member experience, Moreland announced the appointment of several new organizational members. Kyle Baldwin will be responsible for member engagement and growth, Roz Bandy will handle the LIFE environmental program, and Charles Millitzer will undertake research efforts as a TLMI analyst.

According to Moreland, TLMI has two important goals: dealing with waste and developing a new workforce. TLMI will rely on member surveys to identify and quantify member needs, as well as how the organization can best go about achieving optimal results.

The TLMI Annual Meeting for suppliers and converters will take place October 8-11 in Scottsdale, AZ. The meeting will address the continued execution of the organization's strategic plan. Attendees can also look forward to tours, sports outings, and the Awards Dinner and Reception honoring the TLMI Label Awards competition winners, Environmental Awards recipients, the Supplier of the Year and the Converter of the Year.

"It's a wonderful program that's been put together," explained Moreland. "There will be great speakers, opportunities to network, and a chance to meet old friends and make new ones. It's a great combination of work with a little bit of fun mixed in."

In addition to the comprehensive educational program, a tabletop networking event took place following the presentations on September 6.

'Out Think the Competition'

Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff, an author and business speaker, delivered the keynote presentation at the printTHINK Summit. Krippendorff focused on the latest trends in the labels and packaging space--as well as all industries--and provided attendees a roadmap to institute these strategies into their business.

Krippendorff's presentation, titled "Out Think the Competition," highlighted new, emerging technologies and how they can affect this industry. Sustainability, RFID, 3D printing, smart labeling, a changing workforce, and digital printing were among the trends mentioned.

According to Krippendorff", the Internet of Things will enable one trillion connected devices by 2030.

"I study strategic patterns of companies that out-perform their competition, and there's a scheme of 36 patterns," said Krippendorff. "What are the patterns of Amazon, Apple, Google? What...

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