Selected titles: here are brief takes on some recent novels and nonfiction books by independent authors.

Author:Grimes, Lisa


Family, Friends, Husbands and Lovers ... The Best of Enemies by Gigi

Budget Book Design/Books Just Book February 2006, $19.95, ISBN 0-977-76690-X Between these covers, you'll find sassy remarks, typical marital problems and sordid pasts in a humorous look at love and family.

Flying High: Diary of a Flight Attendant by Ruby Jeans Jackson AuthorHouse, January 2006 $17.99, ISBN 1-420-89343-2

The author expresses the nostalgic reflections of a veteran flight attendant, from the 1970s to the present.

Miss-Guided by Renee Daniel Flagler Aspicomm Books, May 2006 $14.95, ISBN: 978-0-9760466-1-5

Greed, jealousy and, of course, romance, are ingredients in this novel about a sexy diva, her envious best friend and a handsome man with lots of financial potential.

The Rueful by Da'Shen

Arctype Press, December 2005 $15, ISBN 0-977-16040-8

This story crosses the urban street life of the '80s with the spiritual history of an ancient tribe.

Zeola by Jewelene Banks Jewel Box Creations, February 2006 $15, ISBN 1-599-75180-1

A motley group of characters spice up this heartwarming story of faith, trust and love.


The Joe Bostic Story: First Black American Radio Announcer by George L. Hiss AuthorHouse, January 2006 $9.95, ISBN 1-420-86076-3

The long-time radio personality "Papa George" Hiss tells the story of one of radio's African American pioneers.

Grandma's Tasteful Foods ... With a Touch of Soul by Deacon George D. Hatcher George D. Hatcher, March 2006 $18.98, ISBN 0-976-72162-7

Hatcher a.k.a, the Country Chef has put together a collection of trouble-free, down-home recipes, which he says, "will wake up your taste buds."

How to Think Big ... When You're Small: 24 Keys to Success in Life and Business by Dante Lee Ligatt Publishing, September 2005 $12.95...

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