Tips for creating a self-sustaining franchise brand image: successful franchisees are dedicated to making the brand promise come alive in new and exciting ways.

Author:Farrar, Danny

It is not enough for today's consumers to be on the receiving end of brand influence. Rather, recent changes in the marketing landscape indicate a genuine desire for a real, authentic connection. Consumers are ready to talk back, eager to engage and fully prepared to collaborate with companies they love to create a timeless brand.

More than ever, consumers are finding innovative ways to share their thoughts and preferences with the marketplace and, if franchise brands are serious about staying ahead of the curve, they listen carefully. Consumers' perceptions shape brand image, and franchise business owners have a unique opportunity to act as gatekeepers. Between social media, marketing collateral and guest experiences, franchisees can help consumers sift through cultural clutter and identify brands that truly deliver on their promises.

Ultimately, the key to creating a pronounced, authoritative franchise brand image lies in a business owner's ability to project intention, sustain integrity and embrace consumers as valuable teammates in their strategic branding efforts.


Successful franchise brands are acutely aware of what drives their target market. They are well versed in the ideal consumer's interests and behaviors, and they allow that knowledge to inspire a brand mission and promise that is culturally relevant. Consumers can align themselves with brands that foster feelings of belonging and express a genuine interest in their target demographic's strengths, weakness and concerns.

At SOLDIERFIT, our "troops" sweat together, push together, and celebrate together with the guidance of certified trainers whose primary objective is to promote a motivating, platoon-like atmosphere. When franchise brands commit to living and learning alongside those they wish to serve, they create one-of-a-kind solutions to market needs, as well as supportive environments that customers cannot possibly find elsewhere.


A quality brand experience can transcend any franchise location. Establish uniformity in every aspect of the physical space from decor and uniforms to standards for guest interactions. In terms of service and culture, consumers should come to know what to expect from a brand in order to confidently recommend it to others.

Who says the brand experience has to end when consumers leave the facility? Recent trends in social media allow franchise owners to extend that consistency to the...

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