Time to Fly.

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Time To Fly

Barbara Lanza

Moo Press, Inc.

6 High Street, 2nd floor, PO Box 54, Warwick, NY 10990-0054

0972485376 $19.95 1-845-987-7750 www.MooPress.com

Barbara Lanza has created the elegant, elaborate, enchanted world of Fairy Lane, the home of Petals, a fairy child who has the honor of sprinkling fairy dust on the baby fairies on a particular evening. It's an important responsibility because while baby fairies are born with wings, they cannot fly without the magic fairy dust. Petals (who tends to be a bit messy) is in a bit of a panic--she can't find the all-important pouch of fairy dust! Young readers will be focused on the pages of this superbly...

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