Tim Storey Named New NCSL Executive Director.

AuthorKennedy, Lesley
PositionNational Conference of State Legislatures

Thirty years after packing his mom's Chrysler K-car to drive cross-country for an internship with the Denver-based National Conference of State Legislatures, Tim Storey took the reins as the organization's executive director.

"I had never been west of Knoxville, Tenn., but at NCSL I found a place that I loved and just stuck with it," he says.

Storey's appointment on July 15 follows the retirement of William T. Pound, who led NCSL for 32 years.

A native of North Carolina, Storey holds a bachelor's degree in English and political science from Mars Hill University in North Carolina and a master's in public administration from the University of Colorado School of Public Affairs.

"NCSL is in good hands with Tim Storey.... I'm confident he'll take the organization to the next level," says Robin Vos, Wisconsin Assembly speaker and NCSL's incoming president.

At NCSL, Storey, 52, gained expertise in redistricting, elections, legislative organization and management, and education, and has served as director of Leaders Services and Legislative Training. Most recently, he served as director of State Services, which includes the Center for Legislative Strengthening, fiscal research, institutional studies, leaders' services, staff training, and redistricting and elections.

"Working for legislatures is my calling, and I was blessed to discover it early in life," he says. "I love the people who work in them and the people who work around them. What happens in legislatures is what's really important to people: It's about their kids' schools, health coverage, infrastructure and transportation and so much more."

Storey says his passion for the legislative institution as the cornerstone...

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