Through the Fire.

Author:Moss, Claudia
Position:Brief article - Book review

Through the Fire by Seressia Glass Genesis Press/Indigo Spectrum, March 2006 $9.95, ISBN 1-585-71173-X

Brandt Hughes is a caged tiger, a walking explosive. No one knows he chooses between life and death (via his M9 Beretta) every morning. The deaths of his son, Brady, and his wife, Sarah, four years ago stoke the inferno within his soul. Having failed to save the people he loves, he cannot wash their blood from his hands.

When Sheriff "Mack" Zane, his former correctional officer, needs a favor, Brandt cannot refuse, and thus the story starts. Brandt is on his way to Serena Bay, a small, lazy town on the east coast of Florida, to renovate an...

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