A Thousand Words.

Author:Warrant, Jason
Position:Brief article - Book review

A Thousand Words

Jaime Hovey

Ohio State University Press

1070 Carmack Road, Columbus, OH 43210-1002

0814210147 $34.95 1-800-621-2736 www.ohiostatepress.org

Independent scholar and English teacher Jaime Hovey presents "A Thousand Words: Portraiture, Style, and Queer Modernism", a unique and seminal work of literary analysis proposing the case for a 'queer modernism', and that the literary portrait--a favored form of experimentalism in late nineteenth and early twentieth century writing--served as an aesthetic mechanism for this 'queer modernism' phenomena. Though literary portraiture speaks volumes about the complicated connection between identity, sexuality, and art, very little writing has...

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