A Thousand Sisters.

Position:Book review

Lisa Shannon (author); A THOUSAND SISTERS; Seal Press (Autobiography/Memoir) $24.95 ISBN: 9781580052962

"They said, 'Shut your mouth. Put your leg on the chair.' They took a machete and cut off my leg." Already an unimaginable scene, this was only the beginning of the most horrific event of Generose's life. She lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the current conflict has killed more than 5.4 million people and rape has been used as a weapon against hundreds of thousands of women.

A Thousand Sisters, Lisa Shannon's first book, chronicles her transformation from an average American woman to an activist for Congo, and it provides a deeply personal view of the atrocities committed against the Congolese people--especially women--since the genocidaires crossed the border from Rwanda fifteen years ago. Shannon happened to catch an Oprah segment about Congo in 2005 and signed up to sponsor two women through the organization featured on Oprah's show. Over the next couple years she founded Run for Congo Women, organizing runs in several cities, and was eventually able to sponsor over 1,000 women.

In 2007 she traveled to Congo to meet with the women her foundation sponsored. Hundreds of them met with Shannon to share their stories of torture, rape, and murder, in the hopes that someone would hear them and come to their aid. One was Asende, a woman whose entire village was attacked. She was shot three...

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