Who's got your back? Thoughts from some of the Business InSight organizers--members of the chamber's Small Business Advisory Council.

Author:Semanco, Michael
Position:Business in Sight 2009 - Interview

Michael Semanco, President & COO, Hennessey Capital, LLC

What was the role of the Small Business Advisory Council in planning Business InSight?

The neat thing about the council is that we have so many members from diverse industries. Everybody threw together their ideas and looked at what keeps them up at night. From that assembly of information, we put together resources that we feel members of the chamber and other members of the public could take away and use in their day to day business.


Our keynote speaker was Keith Ferrazzi, who wrote a book called "Who's Got Your Back?" that talks about the importance of having a good team. So, who's got your back at Hennessey Capital?

There are a number of people who play a role in everything I do. The folks at Hennessey Capital, the team that I have, past associates, past mentors, family and friends, my wife and kids. Having that support mechanism is crucial. The key is taking all the information you can learn, implementing it and being passionate about what you do.

Kimberly Benjamin, President, HR Strategies Plus, LCC

What does entrepreneurial spirit mean to you?

Entrepreneurs have a lot of ideas and a lot of new ways of doing things, but one thing that I know about being an entrepreneur is that you can't give up.


What is your definition of extreme customer service?

Making sure that your customers are happy throughout the entire process. That they enjoy working with you, that they're satisfied with the services you provide for them, and that you actually listen to them and go beyond what their expectations were.

Why should Michigan comanies and citizens buy local products?

If we all pool together and support one another, we will help move Michigan's economy back to the top where it needs to be.

Anita Mitzel, President, Graphicolor Systems, Inc.

What does entrepreneurial spirit mean to you?

Being an entrepreneur means being your own boss. Things may be challenging in our economy, but at the end of the day, I'm the one who decides if I have a job. Entrepreneurs are able to make quick decisions. It's different than the corporate world in that respect.


What is your definition of extreme customer service?

You over-promise and over-deliver. You need to over promise because people need to understand that you are going to take excellent care of them. But then you need to deliver. A lot of it boils down to listening--really focusing on...

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