Those Left Behind.


Those Left Behind ... and nobody hardly EVER mentions the MOTHERS... those whose sons and daughters were snatched away and chained and whipped and beat into heavy, rusted rough hewed metal that tore flesh on tender perfumed necks and efun covered ankles and thighs... ... it seems nobody talks about those Mothers who screamed and called out their daughters names over and over each morning at the crack of dawn refusing to give into hopelessness even years after the terrible kidnappings Who hears their hoarse and worn out voices drowning out the visions of the flocks of crows and gatherings of bloated vultures who repeatedly pecked out the soft eyeballs and once tender sperm sacks of the men who never made it to the bellies of those stinking, hellish ships? ... and who thinks about those fathers who determinedly fell on their own sharp machetes slitting their own throats and ripping open their own bellies spilling out the shame and disgrace and bruised honor that flowed with the quickly clotted heavy blood because they felt they had failed to successfully protect their sons and their daughters and wives and sisters and aunts and uncles from the clutches of the slavers through the smoke of their rifle fire and in the confusion of African mercenaries on horseback swooping up screaming girls and trampling terrified, barely crawling babies who didn't have even half a chance under the weight of those mud crusted hoofs? We always speak of those who were taken away while failing to acknowledge those who were left behind... And who gives a thought to those old ones who had 'the sight' and had read the bones and deciphered the...

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