Thoroughly Disgusted, and Still Supportive.

AuthorKlein, Jeanne

On receiving your October/November 2020 issue, I felt thoroughly disgusted by your focus on Trumps sociopathic actions over the past four years. I, for one, don't need a literature review of what he's done to destroy our democracy. Like other journalists, you've been sucked into promoting and advertising his brand. I can't even stand to look at his face that you plastered all over your front cover!

So I refuse to read this issue's main articles. I'm already angry and depressed enough. Nevertheless, I am donating to The Progressive to help keep you alive.

--Jeanne Klein

Lawrence, Kansas

The ugliest, most disheartening cover in my fifty-seven-year history of reading The Progressive. When my print copy arrived, I frantically folded the cover back so no one else would have to see it. Was that a trick to make us open the issue without delay? Surely you could have found more enabling images to bolster our electioneering efforts?

--Chip Sharpe

Bayside, California

The October/November issue of The Progressive was the most difficult and...

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