Thomson, John. A Small Boat at the Bottom of the Sea.

Author:Chrismer, Nancy
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

THOMSON, John. A small boat at the bottom of the sea. Milkweed. 148p. c2005. 157131-656-6. $6.95. JS

Donovan has been sent to live with his Uncle Bix and his Aunt Hattie for the summer, and is quite unhappy. His father and his Uncle Bix have had problems in the past due to Uncle Bix's having been in prison. They have not been close, and Donovan cannot understand why he has to go. Aunt Hattie is ill with lung cancer, and Donovan is uncomfortable at first with both his aunt and uncle. Soon though, Donovan gets into their way of life, and he is especially intrigued when his uncle, a mechanical genius who can fix just about anything, gets Donovan to help him raise a wrecked, sunken boat from its watery bed. When Donovan realizes that his uncle really needs him to help with the boat...

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