This Time MIPCOM Is All About MIP-TV, The L.A. Screenings.

The talk at this year's MIPCOM is likely to be all about ... MIP-TV 2020. That's because there's little to say about MIPCOM 2019, other than that it's going to be a good market. Some changes are expected at MIPCOM 2020, after the U.S. studios' digital strategies are refined, but for this year, as one exec from a major U.S. studio reported to VideoAge, "it's business as usual," but not for Sony Television, which, according to some accounts, will have "a small presence."

MIP-T V 2020 will likely not be the only thing on the minds of international buyers and sellers at MIPCOM. There are dark clouds hanging above next year's L.A. Screenings as well. (This topic is analyzed in depth on page 16.)

Talk of MIP-TV 2020 actually started up just after last April's MIP. It continued at May's L.A. Screenings, persisted during the summer, and will now end with a bang at MIPCOM.

After yearly complaints from exhibitors, MIPTV organizers finally decided to take the bull by the horns and announced that they had taken some "drastic" actions (some of which were revealed by VideoAge in its May 2019 Issue).

One aspect of MIP-TV that VideoAge didn't anticipate is the fact that next year, the four-day trade show will actually start on March 30. The spring date is not exactly the late February date that U.S. studio execs had advocated for for years in an effort to move the event further away from May's L.A. Screenings, but it's a move in the right direction. In the past, MIP-TV organizers insisted on maintaining the status quo, and blamed earlier events in Cannes for forcing MIP-TV to keep its mid-April dates. Clearly, where there is a will, there is a way!

Unfortunately, the March dates will conflict with the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (March 25-28), which could diminish the Asian presence in Cannes, assuming that the violent protests against the government subside.

But MIP-TV's earlier start will likely benefit those who'd like to attend the NAB conference in Las Vegas, which takes place April 18-22, 2020, and which in the past conflicted with MIP-TV.

However, the two major MIP-TV changes that will get the most attention at MIPCOM are the relocation of the stands that last MIP-TV were outside the Palais, and the building of new low-cost stands.

A few lucky companies, like Fremantle and Lionsgate, were offered the chance to relocate to the Riviera area of the Palais, while less fortunate exhibitors will be moved to the so-called "bunker" (P-1, or the...

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