This is your GFOA.

Author:McCoy, Patrick J.
Position:President's Address - Government Finance Officers Association - Speech

Each year, Government Finance Review is honored to reprint the speech given by GFOA's new president at the annual conference. We hope you're inspired by the words of GFOA President Patrick J. McCoy.

I am honored to have been chosen to serve as GFOA president and I look forward to working with GFOA Executive Director Chris Morrill and the staff of GFOA, the Executive Board, our standing committees, state and provincial organizations, and you, the members of the GFOA.

This is your GFOA. When you think and talk about this organization, remember to own it--we are all its parts, and together we are powerful. Your membership provides you with many things:

* Empowerment. GFOA serves all levels of state, local, and provincial governments with advocacy, training, and resources to help these organizations succeed in creating vibrant communities.

* Encouragement. You are not alone in service to your community--GFOA serves professionals working in the public finance field with training and in-depth resources. You carry the needs of your jurisdiction, and GFOA is your partner in the broader world of public finance.

* Knowledge. GFOA is a powerful resource you can turn to for in-depth resources that originate from the real-world experiences of your peers. GFOA facilitates your ability to network and build relationships, which makes us all more effective and resilient.

* Advocacy. Join the conversation. Congress is currently discussing comprehensive tax reform. GFOA would like to remind them how tax-exempt bonds provide an affordable way to finance infrastructure--so share your story on how tax-exempt municipal bonds have built your community. Tweet a picture of your infrastructure project...

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