This Bomb Had My Name on It'.

"There's no way to describe the feeling of being bombed," Bari says. "I was thinking that maybe it was like being in a war except that this bomb had my name on it."

The day before the bombing, Bari and Cherney had driven from their rural homes in Mendocino County to Berkeley, to talk to the pacifist Seeds of Peace Collective about Earth First!'s Redwood Summer project, patterned on the Mississippi Summer campaign conducted by civil rights leaders in the 1960s. Just as young people had flocked to the South to protest segregation, Bari hoped to mobilize environmentalists to converge on Northern California in a massive drive against the timber industry's destruction of old growth forests.

... Outside police headquarters in Oakland, participants in a rainy three-day vigil insisted that Bari and Cherney had been targets of a murder attempt and speculated on the possibility of a police frame-up. They...

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