Thinking outside the vase.

Author:Ochoa, Emily
Position:WORKS IN PROGRESS - Brief article


Rationalists that we are, most of us consider flower vases to be containers. Artist Fung Kwok Pan, however, blurs the line between the container and the contained Fung's so-called fluid vases represent the process of pouring, and the resulting objects showcase beautiful flows and splashes.

Fluid vases were born out of a desire to "translate actions which are commonly associated with objects into the actual object itself," Fung says. He begins with a high-speed camera, photographing water being poured into a container. With this footage as his model, he uses animation software to create a "3-D mesh" of this process that can be exported to a computer-aided design program. The software enables him to create a physical blueprint of a single step in the pouring process, and he selects two of the best such blueprints to be turned into physical objects by a 3-D...

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