Think Twice Before posting Vacation Selfie.

Sharing too much information on social media while away from home during the holidays can make your property a perfect target for burglars, caution the cyber-security specialists at NordVPN.

We all have been there: sipping an exotic drink by the pool miles away from home while taking dozens of pictures to capture the precious moment--and we are quick to post them on Facebook or Instagram for our friends to see how great we are doing--and, let's be honest, to brag a little bit.

However, this social activity can result in real trouble. Uploading pictures from the beach together with sharing other private material--such as holiday plans, countdowns, and plane tickets online--is a risky matter for a good reason.

"Although collecting likes and reactions on your vacation photos gives many positive emotions, these images also send a clear signal to criminals lurking online that your home is left empty," says Daniel Markuson, a digital privacy specialist at NordVPN. "With Instagram and Facebook stories, which are quick, fun, and available for only 24 hours, it is very popular to share travel plans, the things you're doing, and the places you're visiting at that particular moment. Thus, even people who feel well-educated about online privacy sometimes reveal too much."

A 2018 survey of social media users found that 10% of the respondents believed they became victims of a robbery or crime because of something...

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