Think, plan, and act like an insurgent.

Author:Kristie, James

From The Leadership Campaign by Scott Miller and David Morey. Copyright [C]2016 by the authors. Published by Career Press Inc. (

Control the controllable. Win the uncontrollable. Long ago and far away, our original political firm, Sawyer-Miller Group, hired an intern who came to us from Senator Christopher Dodd's D.C. office, Richard Plepler. The kid asked for a meeting with us to say he believed his future would be in business strategy, not politics. At the time, we were doing 18 to 20 domestic political campaigns a year and dozens of global races. From the perspective of the 1980s, his prediction seemed a hell of a stretch.

Thing is, Richard was a disrupter even then. And he was right.

Fast forward to 2008. Richard Plepler was the new CEO of HBO, which was already riding a wave of success based on its original programming, particularly "The Sopranos." Under Jeff Bewkes, HBO had fought as an insurgent against broadcast network TV and then-emerging cable movie channels.

Change controls entertainment along with all of today's markets, hi fact, every...

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