As they see it.


'We are setting a great example for young women: that they can get involved and run for office."

--N.H. Senator Sharon Carson on the fact that the New Hampshire Senate has a majority of women, in Women's eNews.

"What's going on right now in our high schools is that kids, lots and lots of minority kids, don't get to the 10th grade. Rome is burning."

--U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, in The Christian Science Monitor, about new federal rules to improve the high school drop out rate.


"There's a strong public policy reason to prohibit gender-based rates. Only women can bear children. There's an expense to that. But having babies benefits communities and society as a whole. Women should not have to bear the entire expense."

--Mila Kofman, the insurance superintendent in Maine, to The New York Times, about the fact that women pay much more than men for similar individual insurance policies.

"A child doesn't stop deserving protection when they're 72 hours old. If a child is at risk of being abused, I think the sense of the senators is we want to give the person in charge of that child every opportunity to deliver it to a safe place and protect it."

--Nebraska Senator Tom White, in the Omaha World-Herald, discussing age limits in Nebraska's Safe Haven law that...

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