'They can't get away from us!'.

Author:Kristie, James
Position::THOUGHT LEADERSHIP - Reprint

From The Marine Corps Way to Win on Wall Street by Ken Marlin. Copyright [C]2016 by the author. Published by St. Martin's Press (www.stmartins.com).

The Marine Corps Way requires us to conduct our business with honor. It requires us to persevere in the face of adversity in service to a cause that is greater than ourselves. It's not always easy, but I have seen firsthand that applying these principles leads to success on many fronts. It works for Marines, it has worked for me in the companies that I have led, and I believe it can work for others as well--for Wall Street bankers and for the corporate executives who engage them, and perhaps a broader world too. There will be resistance to change, but changing can help these organizations earn back America's trust and restore the fundamental faith that Main Street must have in boardrooms. Wall Street, and Washington for our economy to function effectively and efficiently.

When I relayed to a friend the premise of this book, he called it "tilting at windmills." He said that my expectations for change were "unrealistic and unreasonable." I agreed--on all counts.

When Marine Corps colonel Lewis "Chesty" Puller found his First Marine Division surrounded by 13 enemy Chinese Army divisions plus another three divisions of North Koreans at the Chosin Reservoir in Korea, he is reported to have said, "They...

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