They've been to the mountaintop.

Author:Motavalli, Jim
Position:'Coar River' - Brief article - Book review


Michael Shnayerson's Coal River (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $25) is the third book about mountaintop removal mining this year, the previous two being Lost Mountain by Erik Reece and Moving Mountains by Penny Loeb. Reece's book, set in eastern Kentucky, is lyrical and personal. Loeb's book, covering the same West Virginia terrain as Shnayerson's, is locally based, close-up, a bit technical for average readers. A staff writer for Vanity Fair, Shnayerson brings a journalist's craft to the subject. If a mountaintop movie is made, it will probably be based on his version of events. In a story with many characters, he finds clear heroes--Joe Lovett, a crusading and athletically...

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