A Theory of Expanded Love.

Author:Schingler, Michelle Anne
Position:Brief article - Book review - Young adult review

Caitlin Hicks; A THEORY OF EXPANDED LOVE; Light Messages (Fiction: Literary) 20.95 ISBN: 9781611531312

Byline: Michelle Anne Schingler

Caitlin Hicks begins this story of tradition and redemption in the months leading up to Kennedy's assassination, when all manner of possibilities seemed open to good little Catholic girls. Ensconced in the middle of a noisy Irish family of fifteen and perched at the edge of her teen years, Annie Shea knows that she's on the cusp of spiritual greatness. She weaves tales of her heavenward ascension for awed classmates, trading on the potential papacy of a family friend and her maybe-vocation as a selfless bride of Christ.

Yet Annie discovers that even very blessed Catholics are sometimes faced with tribulations. Hers begin with an uncovered and faded photograph of her mother in a wedding gown, standing next to a soldier who is most definitely not her father. Propelled...

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