The winter musings.

Author:Master, Warren

New Directions

Recently, The Public Manager's Board of Editors met to help refresh the 2011-2012 editorial calendar. Coupled with feedback from other meetings and through online communications (What would we do without LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, GovLoop, and so forth?), we now have enough editorial themes to provide relevant and exciting content for the journal, website, and discussion events for the next several years. In a nutshell, our editorial planning framework moving forward revolves around five major, general challenges facing the professional public management community today.

1| Reducing the Cost of Government: cost-cutting at the state and local level, ways to ensure social equity, and the devolution of authority.

2| Strengthening Government Accountability: stewardship, oversight, transparency, and training and development (T&D) implications for engaging the public sector workforce.

3| Improving Performance Management: examples of evidence-based management, performance reporting and transparency issues, and ways to measure social equity.

4| Increasing Collaboration: collaborative governance, cross jurisdictional sustainability, and interagency and public-private partnerships.

5| Expanding Citizen Engagement: Citizen 2.0, the Census 2010, transparency, e-governance, and cyber-education.

Please feel free to suggest specific topics or volunteer to contribute an article, blog post, podcast, or participate in an upcoming event. Visit us at with your ideas.

Accountable Government

This brings us to our theme for the winter issue: innovations in government oversight, stewardship, and accountability. The feature article on this topic offered by Richard Wenning and Damian Betebenner demonstrates how data visualization technology is helping improve educational accountability in Colorado. Next up, Deborah Milks takes us to the South Pacific and shares how local officials are improving oversight and accountability one island government at a time.

Addressing another wrinkle, Brian Green irons out linkages between budgets, performance, and accountability with a case illustration of how the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is improving performance and building business acumen among acquisition professionals. Reaching closer toward our nation's citizen consumers, Michael Lennon and Gary Berg-Cross provide a template for...

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