The Villalobos brothers: reaching the Latino market one goal at a time.


Sports Marketing Monterrey helps companies, brands, nonprofits and other agencies reach the Hispanic market in meaningful ways through sports platforms, events, influencers, sponsorship programs and consulting.

Helping brands to reach the Hispanic market

Founded by brothers Jorge and Javier Villalobos, and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the expansion and leadership of the company has been taking gigantic steps every year. With more than 55 million Latinos in the U.S. and more than 120 million projected for the year 2060, the agency is helping brands like Coors Light, MoneyGram, Pepsi and MetroPCS to engage this market through multiple integrated platforms--from digital strategies, sporting events with elite professional Mexican soccer teams, brand activations with active soccer stars, among other strategies.

With soccer growing fast in many ways in the U.S. and attracting legions of new fans every month, Sports Marketing Monterrey is the leading agency that helps companies reach the dynamic Latino market in the sports marketing industry.

The company currently represents over 47 professional athletes worldwide and promotes professional soccer matches with top teams from Mexico, having the exclusive rights of elite soccer teams in United States for marketing, merchandising, matches, and other opportunities.

SocioMX, the only Hispanic platform that connects fans, teams, brands with a unique experience.

The company successfully promoted the SocioMX Cup and SocioMX Tour with an impressive 200,000 in attendance with elite Mexican teams, broadcasted live by ESPN in more than 20 countries and played every year in cities such as Dallas, Houston, Chicago and Los Angeles. Reaching thousands onsite and millions off-site, The SocioMX Cup is the biggest Hispanic professional club competition in the country in...

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