The Vienna Three-step.

Author:Gutstein, Daniel

The Vienna Three-step One-two-three, one-two-three I twirl through the hallway. In one part of the house night sets and Grandfather yawns. In another part of the house day rises and Grandmother stretches. I chop eggs and onion for ayer mit tzibellach, grate onion and potatoes for potaternyick. They eat with me and Grandfather tells the story that begins with the rifle cracks of horsemen and ends with him scrambling aboard a train filled with refugees. Grandmother's family fled in open wagons. She remembers her mother rocking the youngest, frozen dead, the whole way to Vienna. He calls her Mielec, for where she was born. She calls him Sanok, the same in return. When they met in Vienna beside a music hall they danced for three straight...

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