The value of respect.

Author:Smith, Valerie

Creating Respect in Diverse Workplaces, 45 min., 2002, Anderson-davis, Inc. (877-235-1350,, $28.95-$34.90 plus LMS setup fee. Course guide, local administrator guide.

Creating Respect in Diverse Workplaces aims to explain methods for recognizing and stopping harassment, inappropriate speech, sexual harassment, and disrespectful behavior. The program covers definitions of terminology related to harassment such as protected class, sex-based harassment, and subtle sexual harassment. The legal basis and applicable court cases of sexual and other types of prohibited harassment are outlined. The legal overview is comprehensive, and the workplace problems created by harassment are detailed. One example is that employees can become polarized by these situations, i.e., they can divide into cliques.

Several examples of harassing behavior are provided. The discussion provides examples of harassment based on gender, age, immigrant status, ethnicity, and sexual orientation and how to identify workplace harassment, sexual harassment, disrespectful behavior, and inappropriate workplace speech. Inappropriate workplace speech, in this context, is defined as "speech that could create a hostile work environment and legal liability for the employees using it."

The program discusses three methods for identifying inappropriate speech. A quiz follows...

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