The Value of Annual Wellness Visits.


Medicare and Medicaid members who get an annual wellness visit (AWV) are much more likely to perform other high-value health-care activities, from flu shots to cancer screenings. In addition to the longstanding benefits of AWVs, including early detection of chronic disease and stronger patient-provider relationships, this evidence gleaned from NovuHealth member engagement programs indicates that AWVs can lead to additional healthy activities that further augment a person's well-being.

"AWVs are an important gateway, leading to the completion of other activities," says Eileen Cianciolo, chief product officer. "However, less than one-fifth of eligible Medicaid members receive an annual wellness visit, despite the fact that they're covered by their health plans."

AWVs help patients with any number of medical issues:

* Diabetes. Some 78.8% of Medicare patients who get an AWV take steps to control their blood sugar, versus 14.7% who do not receive an AWV. For Medicaid, 81.7% who have an AWV take action to manage their blood...

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