The Value and Importance of Collaboration

AuthorJohn P. Box Jr.
The Value and Importance
of Collaboration
The “Let’s Do It”1 Together Generation
What do National Basketball Association (NBA) greats LeBron James
and Kevin Durant have in common with junior associates? As a former
high school basketball player and long-time recreational league player,
I would love to say it’s basketball skills. Sadly, that is not the case. The
truth is that James, Durant, and junior associates generally work best in
teams. From the NBA to law firm life, we all love to collaborate with
In 2010, LeBron James (a Millennial born in 1984) engineered a
super team in Miami, joining forces with fellow All-Stars Dwayne Wade
and Chris Bosh. At the time, Michael Jordan (a young Boomer born in
1963) was incredulous that a star player would team up with former
1. N H  R N, M   W: H R S  
N G 163 (2010).
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