The ultimate teen guide series.

Author:Rosser, Claire
Position:Book review

THE ULTIMATE TEEN GUIDE SERIES. Asthma. Penny Hutchins Paquette. 171p. 978-0-8108-5759-9. $14.95. Diabetes. Katherine J. Moran. 181p. 978-0-8108-5642-4. $14.95. Learning disabilities. Penny Hutchins Paquette & Cheryl GersonTuttle. 301p. 978-0-8108-5643-1. $17.95. Sexual decisions. L. Kris Gowen. 227p. 978-0-8108-5805-3. $17.95. Stress relief. Mark Powell. 99p. 978-0-8108-5806-0. $14.95. Scarecrow Trade, dist. by National Book Network. c2007, illus, bibliog. index. JSA

This is an excellent series of books. The authors are qualified; e.g., the author of Sexual Decisions has a Ph.D. in child and adolescent development, an Ed.M. in human development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and currently teaches human sexuality and women's health at the university level. She certainly mentions abstinence, and more importantly, she makes sure teenagers understand which sexual practices count as abstinence and which don't. She covers just about any possible sexual choice or situation teenagers may wonder about.

The book Stress Relief is especially important in the series, since it must speak to just about every teenager. The author is a physical education teacher at a Waldorf school, and he is a certified Rolfer, nutritional consultant, and spiritual practitioner. The main principle is that each person has within himself the ability to be calm and at peace, regardless of the outside...

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