The Truth About Pot Farming.

AuthorBrooks, Jean

I am confused after reading Esty Dinur's story about the small pot farmers ("Bad Buzz," October/November issue). I am interested in environmental issues and remember reading, not so long ago, stories about the environmental damage done by these people who go up into the mountains and desecrate the wilderness with pesticides and other chemicals and the large amount of water they use for these thirsty crops of pot.

Now you are telling me these are fine and noble people who are aware of the need to protect Mother Earth and were making an honorable living through sustainable farm practices, and how their clean lifestyle is being destroyed by large corporations.

Well, I don't doubt the inherent evil of the large corporations, but I am curious as to what is the truth about growing pot. For another thing, aren't the health benefits of marijuana from the cannabidiol (CBD), while the hallucinogenic part of it is actually unhealthy?

Thanks for your time and any assistance you can give me in getting at the truth.

--Jean Brooks

West Allis, Wisconsin

Esty Dinur responds: Jean Brooks is right that some illicit growers have damaged the environment by using pesticides, illegally...

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