The Trauma Took Kit.

Author:Hastings, Penny
Position:Book review

Suan Pease Banitt (author); THE TRAUMA TOOK KIT; Quest Books (Nonfiction: Psychology) $18.95 ISBN: 9780835608961

Byline: Penny Hastings

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a human event of such enormous repercussions that it envelops both mind and body. According to Susan Pease Banitt, in her book The Trauma Tool Kit: Healing PTSD From the Inside Out, "PTSD is a whole-body tragedy."

Western medicine has traditionally treated psychological trauma as an issue of the mind and psyche. However, today it is becoming more understood that stress and trauma affect the entire human organism, including physical health.

Banitt encourages people who have been traumatized, whether they are returning soldiers, child-abuse survivors, or others in recovery from trauma, to realize the complexity of their experiences and work on their own rehabilitation. While she advocates working with professional therapists, and is a counselor herself, she also believes that the typical one hour per week with a therapist is not enough. So she has designed a "smorgasbord of healing techniques and tools" to help PTSD victims move the healing process along faster.

Tool #1 gives readers a "Roadmap for Healing from Trauma" that defines, explains, and acknowledges the many ways people can be traumatized, as in a natural disaster, accident, sudden life change, medical diagnosis, or abuse. It illustrates the stages of healing and advises, "Start where you are and keep moving forward."

Another tool is called "First Aid for Psychological...

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