The tech horizon: ISACA International President Robert Stroud talks technology issues and better communication with boards.

Author:Stroud, Robert

What are the top technology issues facing business in the coming year? Disruptive technologies are continuously emerging and requiring us to innovate. Many enterprises see this as a challenge; I see it as an opportunity. The key is in managing any newly introduced risks and ensuring appropriate governance of information and technology. One of the key opportunities on the near-term horizon is the Internet of Things. In some senses, it's already here; however, it's poised to explode significantly in the coming year. Big data and advanced analytics represent another key area of opportunity. Big data as a concept has been around for a while, but businesses are only just now starting to use the supporting analytics that will help them derive the most value from data repositories. Once that analytics capability is in place, the data that organizations have been collecting all along starts to become transformative.

How can internal auditors better communicate IT security risks to the board and...

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