The Symposium on Government Travel & Passenger Services: Shaping the Future Traveler Experience: February 24-26, 2020 Alexandria, VA.

Author:Lo, Sharon

Opportunities Abound at the 2020 GovTravels Symposium

The 2020 GovTravels Symposium, held February 24-26 at the Hilton +Mark Center Hotel in Alexandria, Virginia, had nearly 800 attendees. This marked the fifth year for the event, and the fourth year it was co-sponsored by NDTA and the Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO). The conference theme was Shaping the Future Traveler Experience.

Key government and industry stakeholders, including DTMO, the General Services Administration (GSA), NDTA, its industry members and, especially, members from its Government Passenger Travel Advisory Council (GPTAC), worked together to develop the theme and professional program. The conference agenda consisted of keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, educational courses, and break out meetings. In conjunction with the Symposium, NDTA hosted a full-scale exposition where attendees connected with each other and learned about travel solutions and offerings from exhibiting organizations.

NDTA President and CEO, VADM William A. Brown, USN (Ret.), set the tone for the event during his opening remarks, "These next two days are all about professionalism in the travel industry, both for the industry and for the government. And it's an opportunity for all of us to communicate with each other as stakeholders, whichever sector we are in, and to provide [in the end] safe and efficient travel for government travelers. We'll be talking about requirements, needs, capabilities, policies, trends, issues, and innovations looking forward into the future."

William R. Mansell, Jr., Director of DTMO, described the benefit of GovTravels attendance, "Year after year we experience first hand the value that this event brings. The relationships we build and strengthen, ideas that are exchanged and integrated, and we walked away with a better understanding of what is happening across the travel landscape."

He also explained DTMO's continued role in the event, "we continue to co-sponsor GovTravels because we see it as an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the challenges facing travel managers across the federal government and the travel industry. We continue to co-sponsor because it helps us to formulate our strategic direction for the defense travel enterprise as we consider new technologies and adopt industry and government best practices. We continue to co-sponsor because it is an opportunity to further our strategic goals to maximize travel policy understanding, improve the delivery of travel services, and optimize cost-effective travel in the Department of Defense."

As the only event where decision-makers from government and industry gather to meet, learn, and collaborate on common travel issues, GovTravels is a unique and vital opportunity for those in the government travel community.

People First, Innovation Always

The GovTravel Symposium commenced with keynote speaker Don Moore, Senior Vice President of Business Rental Sales and Global Corporate Accounts, Enterprise Holdings, Inc. Mr. Moore began by providing background on Enterprise Holdings, which consists of three rental brands--Enterprise, Alamo, and National. The company has 10,000 neighborhood and airport locations in 100 countries and territories, more than 100,000 employees, and more than two million vehicles in its fleet. In 2019, it reported $26 billion in revenue. Enterprise has a rich history of support for the US military and government inspired by its founder Jack Taylor, a US Navy pilot during WWII who started the company in 1957. Over the years, the company has...

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